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Tuition Fees & Scholarships addressed to SEM students

Tuition fees and financial support opportunities for SEM students

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Tuition fees: up to € 3.076€

Starting from the academic year 2017/2018 tuition fees vary according to family income, you must read the following web site: tuition fees 2017/2018

It is crucial you follow instruction and check any possible link, especially about how to apply to have tuition fee calculated based on your economic situation and Documentation regarding the economic situation of international students

  • Study Grants for international students

Unibo action 2 - Merit-based study grants (11.000€ gross) for international students assigned on the basis of  GRE test scores. 

Unibo action 1 - it's  assigned on the basis of GRE test scores.

  • Publication of the call for applications: January 2018 
  • Applications deadline: March 30, 2018
  • Publication of results: April 2018

The application must be submitted exclusively through Studenti Online.The waivers are valid for one academic year and they cannot be combined with Unibo Action 2 study grants.

  • Exemptions and reductions - Ergo

Talented students with low income are entitled to get allowances, financial aid or partial exemptions from ER.GO, the Regional Agency for the Right to Study. Visit ER.GO website to get more details:

Er-go is a scholarship granted by the Regional Italian Authority to national and international students based on their economic conditions. The Authority offers economic support for certain students chosen through the competition, such as study grants, accommodation services, various other contributions (extraordinary, for international mobility programs, catering, part-time jobs, etc.), information technology services, accompaniment for disabled students, career guidance and catering services. In order to apply for Ergo, you must provide some required documents that reflects the economic conditions yourself or your family.

  • Merit based scholarships for SEM students

SEM offers 2 scholarships  for the best 1st year students (1 x 1.500€ and 1 x 1.000€)

  • Grants for Final Dissertation abroad (for second year students)

SEM offers 2 scholarships for the amount of 2.500€ (before tax) to students enrolled in the second year to support a period of study abroad, related to research for the final dissertation abroad.

  • Grants for 2 internship abroad (for second year students)

SEM offers 2 scholarships for the amount of 2.500€ (before tax) to students enrolled in the second year to support a period of internship abroad.

  • Awards for the best SEM graduates

SEM offers 2 awards for the best graduates (1 x 1.500€ and 1 x 1.000€) 

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