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Curricular Internship

Curricular internships are learning activities that allow students to obtain credits contemplated in the course structure diagram of their degree programme, which also allow to acquire practical skills and make initial contact with the world of work.

"My internship at the Italian Trade Agency in New York City was one of the greatest experience in my life. I had the chance to deeply understand the importance of the the agency in promoting Made in Italy and helping Italian companies internationalize in the U.S. market. I took definitely an active role in providing services and organizing events with the investment and information department while learning different approaches and working methods, thanks also to the collaboration with fashion and food&wine sectors."

Vanessa Miglioranza, SEM student

Internships are carried out on the basis of an agreement between the University of Bologna and the Host Structure (company, public body, professional firm etc.) and an internship programme signed by the parties concerned.

Who is eligible

Enrolled students. The internship activity is included  in their study plan.


Unless otherwise established by national or European regulations, internships normally have a duration of 25 hours for every CFU assigned (see below). in any case, internships must be completed within 6 months from their start date.

If the internship is an optional activity, once you have included it in your study plan, you can carry it out starting from the year in which it is contemplated.

Internship type




150 hours



300 hours 

12 ECTS  


How to choose the Company

Internships may be carried out in University structures or externally, either in Italy or abroad. To choose where to carry out the internship, you can consult the list of structures that hold agreements with the University and/or internship offers already published on Tirocini online. If none of the offers meet your interest, you can present a spontaneous application and, if approved, ask the Structure to publish an offer addressed to you (known as “ad personam” offer), via the University's internship application If the Host Structure does not already have an agreement with the University, you must ask the structure to draw up the agreement with the University of Bologna by registering at and, once it has been stipulated, the internship administrative procedure can start.

How to activate an internship

Students can request an internship via the Tirocini online application.
Once you have identified the structure in which you wish to carry out the internship, you need to agree with your University Tutor and with the Host Contact Person, your learning objectives and activities, the time lines to achieve them and all the other details required to complete the internship programme.

Once the internship details are  defined, you can submit your internship application online according the deadlines attached in this web page.

Only when the  company fills in  the internship programme, you will get an email in order to change /accept/ refuse the programme.

Approval of the internship

Applications will be submitted to the competent Internship Committee, which must authorise their activation. Students must download their attendance register before commencing their Internship.
The Internship can be carried out in the period in between the start and end dates shown on the attendance register.

During the internship

During the internship, you must keep in contact with your University Tutor, to whom you can refer to for any support or advice you may need on how to carry out your activities, and you must record your daily activities in the attendance register. 
The Internship hours must be recorded during the period between the start and end dates shown on the attendance register.  
Before leaving the Host Structure, make sure that the attendance register is countersigned by the Host Contact Person.

Withdrawal, interruption, suspension of the internship

If, for any reason, you wish to interrupt or extend your internship, or if you have concluded/accomplished your tasks and hours earlier than planned, you must inform the Internship Office. In particular, any extension needs to be formally authorized by the Internship Office, and anyway cannot exceed by +20% the internship length (as it was initially agreed).

What to do at the end of the internship

After completing the internship, for it to be validated by the Commissione tirocini, you must:

  • Fill in, on line, the date of the  end of internship;
  • Upload the Daily booklet (diary) duly completed, stamped and signed in all its parts;
  • Upload your final report: the student must draw up a report on plain paper, for each period of internship (see facsimile of the Final Report of the Student).
  • Fill in the assessment questionnaire

We do not accept final reports written by hand or incomplete.

The Internship Office will submit to the Commissione tirocini the final documentation received in the first meeting; the students who have special needs for the timing of the validation of the internship (about to graduate, scholarships, etc.) MUST, first of all, organize their own training  taking into account these limits, and, then, inquire EARLY on dates already set for the meetings of the Commission.

Insurance cover

The University of Bologna guarantees insurance cover for interns against accidents at work and third-party liability claims. These policies are written by insurance companies specialising in the sector. In the event of tansfers to work destinations not indicated in the internship programme, you cmay request an extension of the insurance cover - even during the internship itself. - as long as such transfers are relevant to the internship goals.

Online courses on health and safety are compulsory for all students.

the Internship experience of a SEM student at Bahlsen

The 3 months I spent in Bahlsen were intense, exciting, educational and challenging than I could ever imagine. Thanks to SEM for providing me this unique opportunity born during the project work activity. I am grateful to the company that allowed me to live this experience, improving myself personally and professionally.

Debora Casoli, Internship at Bahlsen, Bologna