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SEM: Erasmus+ partner and the learning agreement

Grab the opportunity to apply to go for study exchange, either through the Erasmus+ programme or the Overseas programme.

SEM strongly advises students to spend one semester abroad, studying at one of the many international partners of the University of Bologna. We believe that international mobility enriches the student's experience and provides wider horizons. More details are available on the University of Bologna web page for International mobility.

    Meetings with the International relations office- Rimini Campus will be organized for SEM students  with the publication of the call for applications


    • ISG International Business School, Paris
    • ISCTE Business School, Lisbon University Institute
    • Copenhagen Business School Copenaghen
    • Grenoble Business School, Ecole of Management, Grenoble and Paris
    • University of Tampere, Finland

    You can find a list of all available places on your  ALMARM including the application procedure.


    Read carefully the doc in attachment ( How to submit the learning agreement)


    The University of Uppsala is the oldest University in Scandinavia. The courses I am taking are very interesting and I enjoy the campus life a lot. The friendly and comfortable atmosphere at University and a lot of space for personal studying contribute to the students’ wellbeing. The student life is very vibrant and unique. Most of the activities are organized by student nations. I am very happy that I decided to spend my Erasmus exchange semester in Uppsala and got the chance to experience this beautiful country and its wonderful people. I can’t wait for the next months and I am sure that there are a lot of new and exciting adventures awaiting me!                                 

    Isabella N., SEM second year student

    Kasper and I are spending last semester of our Master in ISG, Paris campus. It is a very exciting and interesting experience. This school is providing us with seminars held by teachers coming from all aroundthe world(France, UK, Canada, India, Brazil, etc.). They use many different teaching methods, which is challenging, but also very stimulating.Students have also different backgrounds and origins (France, Germany USA, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, India, etc.). Given this international environment, I think that the best experience here is the greatinteraction both with teachers and our colleagues. Different ideas, experiences, practices, and perspectives are welcomed and discussed. Therefore, it is a great chance to widen your view. Moreover, Paris is a cultural melting pot full of different people and attractions. Sometimes it is not easy to leave in such a big city, but this experience is worth it.

    Tommaso M., SEM second year student

    Choosing Lisbon for my Erasmus+ Programme has certainly been one of the best decisions ever! This experience has helped me so far to grow not only professionally but also personally, as I was able to study and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. At ISCTE-IUL Business School I’ve been able to learn in a pleasant, multicultural environment and apply my knowledge through the various interesting projects.

    Vedrana C., SEM second year student