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SEM Job placement

Graduates in Service Management will be able to work as:

  • marketing or purchasing manager or staff
  • sales manager or staff
  • general manager 
  • export manager
  • financial manager of services
  • customer relationship manager
  • customer operations manager
  • business analyst
  • management control


  • Large and small/medium sized companies
  • public organizations and start-ups 
  • manufacturing and service sectors, 

Service Management will support the job placement of its students through:

  • Firm Laboratory The course is designed to introduce students to fundamental questions and approaches to their future working career within an international environment. Students will be able to enter any kind of future job interview showing a knowledge of the key topics related to the international dimension of the enterprises. The students will acquire a proper knowledge of what most of enterprises evaluate as an added value skill: the management of the diversities in the internationalization processes.
  • Unibo Job Placement service, aiming to facilitate graduates' entry into the job market in an experimental manner, providing specific services to UNIBO graduates and businesses.
  • Specific activities for job placement at the Rimini Campus: job interviews, seminars and laboratories on job interviews, CVs, etc.
  • Career days in Bologna and Rimini Campus
  • Recruiting days
  • Partnerships  and agreements with companies