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SEM Alumni stories

Read the stories of the SEM alumni

SEM shaped incredibly my future. During the first year I worked as the tutor for the students of the course, then I spent the whole second year abroad: first I studied at the University of Stuttgart and during the second semester I did an internship at the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany. As I came back to Italy, I started working on my final dissertation, which covered the topic of the company welfare. Moreover, before the end of SEM, I was already employed in Luxottica, a multinational company leader in the company welfare in Italy. Now I am working in the Human Resource department as a welfare specialist. I could only encourage other students to take part to the International Degree Programme, not only because of the high quality of the teaching, but also due to the possibility to gain some international experiences, which, as in my case, could positively influence and shape your future career

Elisa D. (ay. 2016/17)

After the graduation at SEM in 2017 and an experience in the Market Intelligence department of SCM Group, I started an MBA at the Collège des Ingégneurs in Paris, Munich and Turin. I have been marketing consultant for Pirelli and many startups. Together with former colleagues, I have recently launched Noexus, a business design agency focused on innovation processes. We help organizations to create and implement innovation strategies, while building internal capabilities through corporate trainings.

My background in Service Management was fundamental to understand in depth how the industry of services works and especially how service design and management are the foundations of any effective innovation initiative willing to put the customer at the core. The very practical courses, the quality of the faculty, the many project works and the possibility to work together with international students were all very important factors for my personal and professional development.

Federico C. (ay. 2015/2016)

Edoardo M.

The second cycle degree in Service Management is synonymous of quality. The course is well organized and the international environment helps in broadening the horizon. Professors have very high skill and they foster a proactive approach to the studies thanks to many team working, project and presentation. 
In addition, with the project during the second year, they allow implementing in the real world all the knowledge learnt and they incentivize the entering in the labour market. For instance, my teammates and I worked for our project in collaboration with Masterwood, one of the leaders in CNC machine production. That experience opened to me the possibility for an internship inside the company and planned a new project for my final dissertation. I think this course gives to every students the right instruments for their future.

Edoardo M. (ay. 2014/2015) 

On the Left Giada G.

After my graduation in September 2016, I immediately started to work. At the moment, I am working in a small company, M-live, operating in the music industry. The company was looking  for a figure able to help in development and consolidation of foreign markets and I entered in M-live for these purposes. Moreover, I am carrying on my collaboration with Webit, the local web agency with which I made my final dissertation. The master’s degree course in SEM has been fundamental for me to develop technical skills and competences, making me grow culturally and personally.The course is structured in a way to have very interactive lessons with professors from other universities and countries and it gives students the possibility to deeply know specific topics thanks to seminars with professionals and managers of large corporations. It is an international course where students know different cultures, diverse ways of teaching and where guys are the real protagonists of lessons: discussions in class, project works with companies and team works make this program different. 

Giada G. ( ay. 2014/2015)

in the middle Sergio S.

I completed my master degree in Service Management last September with a final thesis in corporate finance. Right now I’m working in Milan for a multinational company operating in the hearing aid industry. In particular, I am involved in the financial department where I support financial and management accounting.

Thanks to SEM course I developed skills that are extremely important in every day activities. The ability to work in team with different people, to respect deadlines, to deal with many projects at the same time, to analyse data and present results , just to make few  examples. In addition, thanks to SEM I improved my business English that nowadays is necessary in every area inside a multinational company. I hope this little summary of my experience can be useful to current and future SEM students and I wish all the best to the next graduates.

Sergio S.  (ay. 2014/2015)

I am working at Star Alliance Services GmbH in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), as Market Research Intern for the Strategy and Finance Department. Star Alliance is one of the world's largest global airline alliances, composed by 28 carriers from all around the world. By attending the SEM Master degree I learnt the importance to collaborate and work in an international team and, to respect all the different cultures surrounding me. From an academic perspective, I really enjoyed the laboratory class as I gained experience using the statistical tools, in fact, my main task here at Star is to analyse the OCSS (Online Customer Satisfaction Survey) raw data using SPSS.”

Lisa B. (ay. 2014/2015)