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SEM Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants, in cooperation with professors, provide the following function in specific areas:

  • seminar activities
  • excercises activities
  • lab activities


  • student assistance during the duration of studies, providing advice in terms of study method, of organization and of teaching services
  • student assistance in terms of improvement of basic knowledge
  • student assistance in selecting final thesis topic
  • student assistance post-laurea

    Please contact the teaching assistants for the receiving hours.

I.C. of Economics Prof. Lorenzo Zirulia Matteo Maria Cati 
Statistics for I and II year courses (for statistical and quantitative methods, analysis and applications)  Prof. Enrico Supino I e II  Enrico Properzi
I.C of  Accounting Prof.Selena Aureli II  Daniele Giampaoli 
I.C of Strategic Management
IC of International Business
Umberto Lago I e II Debora Casoli  
I.C. of customer relationship management
Laboratory of service value management
Corporate Finance
Prof.Marco Visentin I e II Debora Casoli