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Final Grade

Final grade

The Board will assess the candidate's overall performance – dissertation, curriculum, time taken to complete their studies, transfers from another University or another programme – applying specific rules for each Degree Programme.
The Board expresses its assessment with a grade out of one hundred and ten. The exam is deemed to be passed with a minimum grade of 66/110 and a maximum grade of 110/110. In the case of granting a maximum grade, the Board may also grant honours (lode) by unanimous decision.

The final assessement is composed by your Admission Grade plus some final points awarded on the basis of the thesis work. To get ​your Admission Grade, compute the weighted average of ​your marks (weights are the relative course credits), then multiply this number by 110 and divide it by 30.

The criteria to assess dissertations are:

  • originality of the subject,
  • correct methodology,
  • level of in-depth analysis,
  • adequate writing and editing,
  • ability to express and present the dissertation.

The Board will evaluate your dissertation as follows:

  • adequate: 0-2 points;
  • good: 3-4 points;
  • excellent: 5-6 points.

Further points are also added as follows:

  • 2 points if graduating within the first session (July session)
  • 1 point if graduating within the second session (within December)

Your Final Grade will be proclaimed after the discussion (or published on the last day of the Graduation Session on Studenti Online).