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Statistics, Economics and Business

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Master’s Degree in Business Analytics: Overview and Career opportunities 

A new 2-year international track in Business Analytics will be activated in a.y. 2021/22. The new international Master’s in Business Analytics aims to prepare students from a variety of backgrounds for a career as business analysts in modern private and public organizations.  

The Master’s is designed for students with a strong propensity for computational and statistical sciences as well as a strong interest in working with data. The programme provides students with specialist knowledge of methods and IT tools for Data Science and Business Statistics to devise and manage methods that provide decision-makers with summary information. Students will develop technical skills such as software development and advanced statistical analysis, in order to be able to lead business initiatives based on data analysis. They will also learn a variety of models to understand, discover and predict the phenomena of interest, in order to define the most effective strategies to increase the competitive advantage and the performance of private or public companies.  


Career opportunities 

Business analysts are required in any functional area within industrial and service companies in the public or private sector, especially consumer goods manufacturing firms, large retailers, consulting firms and public utilities companies. 

Moreover, business analysts are recruited both by research centres within national and international institutions, tech companies and data-savvy companies operating in a wide range of industries that include social media, finance, insurance, consulting and public utilities. 

The programme also provides the necessary background for successfully undertaking a PhD in any of the following fields: Statistics, Computer Science, Business and Management. 

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Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree programmein Statistics, Economics and Business combines statistical methodology witheconomic and business studies, with more in-depth study of quantitativemarketing and methods of economic analysis. The programme is divided into two separatecurricula. The Marketing and Market Research curriculum provides the statistical andmethodological tools needed for decision-making in the field of marketingprocesses and analysis, with emphasis on the business world. Specific referenceis made to those sectors with broad and dynamic databases concerning theconsumption patterns of… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the 2nd cycledegree programme in Statistics, Economics and Business is subject to thepossession of the prescribed curricular requirements and to the passing of anexam to assess the students' personal competencies and skills. KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED To be able to profitably complete the 2ndcycle degree programme in Statistics, Economics and Business, candidates musthave university-level knowledge of: - mathematics (the fundamentals ofinstitutions of mathematical analysis, matrix algebra); - calculation of probability (fundamentaltheorems and axioms of calculating… Read more