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Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree programmein Statistics, Economics and Business combines statistical methodology witheconomic and business studies, with more in-depth study of quantitativemarketing and methods of economic analysis. The programme is divided into two separatecurricula. The Marketing and Market Research curriculum provides the statistical andmethodological tools needed for decision-making in the field of marketingprocesses and analysis, with emphasis on the business world. Specific referenceis made to those sectors with broad and dynamic databases concerning theconsumption patterns of… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the 2nd cycledegree programme in Statistics, Economics and Business is subject to thepossession of the prescribed curricular requirements and to the passing of anexam to assess the students' personal competencies and skills. KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED To be able to profitably complete the 2ndcycle degree programme in Statistics, Economics and Business, candidates musthave university-level knowledge of: - mathematics (the fundamentals ofinstitutions of mathematical analysis, matrix algebra); - calculation of probability (fundamentaltheorems and axioms of calculating… Read more