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Programme aims

Telecommunications engineering is an international program fully-taught in English which allows students to achieve a deep knowledge in the four inter-related macro areas of telecommunications: electromagnetic propagation, signals and systems, communications networks, applications and services.
They will be also provided with a strong background in related fields (such as electrical circuits and devices, computer science and mathematics). Students will be supported in developing appropriate attitudes towards analytical and designing methodologies, along with organizational and management skills. The curriculum of the Master’s degree consists of a first year with compulsory basic courses for Telecommunications design and a few choices among the major topics of interest. Enhanced flexibility is offered at the second year to tailor the curriculum to interests and ambitions of students.

Learning activities

Learning activities are based on the established tradition of telecommunications engineering studies in Bologna: they span from signal propagation in both radio and optical media to communication theory, networks, applications and services, including lectures, laboratory activities and seminars.
The course is strengthened by international and national connections with academic and industrial partners, resulting in opportunities as internships and workshops..

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Corso di Telecommunications Engineering - codice 9205
The studyprogramme follows a learning path which is coherent with the profile of thereferred professional figures identified in the ISTAT category of professionalclassifications under point Electronics and TelecommunicationsEngineers. … Read more