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Recognition of work activities as a curricular internship

Students can ask the recognition of a working (or similar) experience as a curricular internship if it expressely contemplated by the teaching regulations of the degree programme they are enrolled on and if it is consistent to the degree programme learning activities.

A working experience is certified by an employment contract and payslips related to it, similar experiences can be attested in a different way (for further details contact the Internship Office). 

Students can only apply:

-          after having included the internship in the study plan;

-          after having completed their working (or similar) experience, whether carried out in Italy or abroad, regardless of whether or not an internship agreement already exists between the Company/Organisation and the University of Bologna.

The Internship Board reserves the right to refuse admission to the recognition procedure for requests relating to activities still in progress at the time of presentation.

The application form Recognition of work experience as a Curricular Internship  is available among attachments and must be sent to, jointly with documents specified on the form's footnotes.

If documents are complete and compliant with the law, the Internship Office informs the student about it by email and forward the request to the Internship Board for the evaluation.

In the negative, the request will be rejected.

The Internship Board assesses requests for recognition once per month, when also assessing requests for curricular internships.

Upon successful evalulation of the work experience, the curricular internship will be recorded by the Internship Board.