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Final examination: modalities and deadlines

To graduate, you have to sit a final examination designed to verify that you have reached the education objectives set by the Degree Programme.

The final examination consists in writing a dissertation on a subject pertinent to your studies, elaborated in an original way, under the guidance of a supervisor.  The dissertation will be discussed publicly during a specific final examination session in front of a Board.
The Board will assess your performance using your curriculum as a reference. During the dissertation discussion, you may use slides and the Commission may ask you in-depth questions on methods, results and any developments of your work.

For the degree programme Wellness Culture: Sport, Health and Culture, according with the Course Structure Diagram, students can choose among several options for final thesis ( see Course Structure Diagram) :

  • Internship Abroad for Preparation of the Final Examination
  • Internship  for Preparation of the Final Examination
  • Preparation for the final Examination
  • Preparation for the final Examination Abroad
  • Final dissertation

The students have to indicate their choice  in their study plan, according with the deadlines for the preparation of the study plan. ( see Preparing the study plan)

Graduation application

To submit your application online, you must access Studenti Online before the deadlines set for the application submission and the requirements.

Admission Requirements

In order to graduate, you must have:

  • sat all the exams in your study plan and had them recorded;
  • paid all tuition fees;
  • uploaded the dissertation in pdf format on Studenti Online. The dissertation can be uploaded multiple times, until the requirements deadline expires. When uploading the dissertation, the system will ask you to enter some key words and a brief abstract;
  • compiled the Alma Laurea questionnaire on Studenti Online.

Graduation applications require the payment of €32.00 in stamp duty (imposta di bollo), valid for the entire academic year.

The Student Administration Office will verify all requirements and will contact you if there are any issues, to allow you to regularise your position before the final examination.

The graduation application is valid for just one graduation session. If you graduate in a later session, you will have to re-submit your graduation application and pay only the duty stamp.


One graduation session is scheduled each year ( graduation dates a.y 2019-2020 are in attachment) .

The session includes a number of dates, each with their deadlines for the submission of the graduation application, requirements and dates.

For extraordinary sessions of a.y. 2019/20 until 20 April 2021 you can submit a late graduation application with an associated fee of € 100,00.