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Business Administration and Management

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  • Programme type Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree/Two year Master - 120 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Rimini
  • Language Italian, English
  • Type of access Restricted access - entrance exam
  • Degree Programme Class LM-77 - Management
  • Degree Programme Director Ivanoe Tozzi
  • Department Management - DiSA
  • Learning activities Course structure diagrams

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Programme aims

The Programme aims to provide students with the specialist scientific and technical knowledge required to work in a managerial role in a company, or in a freelance capacity, particularly using the competencies developed in the following areas: administrative and accounting, taxation, marketing and strategy, management control and planning, management and innovation and internationalisation, services management. The programme particularly investigates the topics of internal and external control of both public and private organisations of all sizes. The Programme aims to develop qualified… Read more

Admission requirements

Curricular requirements: To be able to profitably follow the 2nd cycle degree programme in Business Administration and Management, students must possess the following knowledge: - the fundamentals of business, economics, law, mathematics and statistics; - for admission to the curricula delivered in Italian (Business Administration and Auditing and Business Management) knowledge of the English language (to level B1 PET). - for admission to the curriculum delivered in English (Service Management) knowledge of the English language (to level B2). Admission to the 2nd cycle degree… Read more