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Civil Engineering

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Programme aims

Specific learning outcomes of the Programme Building on a solid grounding in physics and mathematics, the 2nd cycle degree programme further studies the mathematical tools specifically required for civil engineering applications (learning area 1), developing knowledge and professional and practical skills in all fields of civil engineering, particularly for: i) the design, construction, management and control of civil building works, hydraulic works, infrastructures and geotechnical works (learning area 2); ii) the planning, design and management of infrastructures for landscape… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission Requirements Admission requirements for the degree programme Curricular requirements: Admission to the degree programme is subject to holding a three-year degree, or at least 180 CFU, or other suitable qualification obtained abroad. Admission to the 2nd Cycle Degree Programme is open to graduates who satisfy at least one of the following requirements: - first cycle degree, with at least the following credits: credits in SSD in the CIVIL ENGINEERING FIELD, as laid down in the three-year degree programme system regulations for Civil Engineering, Bologna Campus (ICAR/01,… Read more