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Career prospects

The coursework provides tools to enter the arts management field and to face the issues connected to cultural organizations.

The course program aims at creating a precise professional figure: an administrator positioned to interact effectively with the artistic-cultural dimension of different types of organizations, understanding the profound requirements, and with the ability to act as an interface with the demands of the surrounding economic and social world.

The course plan is built on a strong managerial basis, yet also maintains an interdisciplinary dimension that allows for humanities to be positively integrated within business theories and practices. The course philosophy is keen on avoiding to merely put together business and the arts, because it is based on the ideal of creating a single professional figure that can draw from both subjects in the practice of cultural management.

GIOCA also gives access to post-graduate and PhD studies.

The majority of GIOCA graduate students find a job within one year, both in the cultural sector and in management and business. Here are some examples:

  • Endemol – Audiovisual Production
  • Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, Torino
  • Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Torino
  • Macro – Museum of Contemporary Art, Roma
  • Fondazione Carisbo – Cultural Sponsorship, Bologna
  • Cineteca di Bologna
  • Regione Emilia-Romagna - Youth Office
  • Art galleries: Bologna, Roma, Mantova, Torino
  • AISM, Genova
  • Associazione Aldes, Lucca
  • Art Mall, Roma
  • Conservatorio Achille Peri, Reggio Emilia
  • Fondazione RomaEuropa, Roma
  • Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Firenza
  • Assessorato alla Cultura, diverse città
  • Marketing department, Bologna Jazz Festival 
  • Mambo, Bologna
  • European Cultural Fundation, Amsterdam
  • KEA Eurpean Affairs, Bruxelles
  • SIAE, Bologna
  • The Culture Business, Bologna
  • FlashArt, Milano
  • Teatro Manzoni, Bologna
  • Fondazione FAM, Bologna
  • C.O. Gruppo, Bologna
  • Goodwill, Bologna
  • Conservatorio Achille Peri, Reggio Emilia
  • Lord Cultural Resources, Beijing
  • Piazza Affari, Borsa di Milano
  • Free lance in Project Management
  • Phd in Bologna, Rotterdam, Milan, Losanna and others