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Seminar “Il Cinema Ritrovato, the biggest international festival in Bologna”


from 24 February 2021 at 15:00 to 10 March 2021 at 16:00

online and in presence

Il Cinema Ritrovato, the biggest international festival in Bologna


Promoted by the Cineteca di Bologna, the 34th edition of Il Cinema Ritrovato took place at the end of August 2020, two months later than scheduled because of the sanitary crisis.

The festival is often called the “cinéphiles’ heaven” by a vast community of people involved in studying and protecting film heritage. It has become a well-established event for archivists, restorers, historians, movie fans and film professionals in general, bringing over 2,200 guests from 31 countries and an increasingly younger audience. (The accredited guests were 4,500 from 70 countries in 2019). The screenings of 519 films were attended by more than 30,000 spectators. (130,000 spectators in 2019). One of the main reasons for its success is undoubtedly the ten evening screenings in Piazza Maggiore where an audience of almost 1,000 people can watch films on the big screen (6,000 in 2019). Guests included important personalities such as Alice Rohrwacher, Volker Schlöhndorff, Jonathan Nossiter, Stellan Skarsgård, Marco Bellocchio, Dario Argento, Anselma dell’Olio and many others. (Francis Ford Coppola in 2019 and Martin Scorsese in 2018)


The lecture will present many aspects of the practical organization of a film festival. Most of them are the same for any cultural event.


On Wednesday February 24th, from 13 to 15, Place: AULA 22 - Piano Secondo - Edificio in Bo - p.zza A. Scaravilli 1-2. ONLINE: LINK TO THE VIRTUAL CLASS ON TEAMSThe first lecture will be a general overview of the Cineteca di Bologna activities, one of the most important cultural institution in town. The daily programmes of Cinema Lumière and the festival Il Cinema Ritrovato are like the visible part of the iceberg. So we will discover plenty of other activities and website resources, including the library Renzo Renzi and the restoration laboratory L’Immagine Ritrovata.


On Friday February 26th, from 16 to 18Place: AULA 12 - Piano Primo - Edificio in Bo - p.zza A. Scaravilli 1-2. ONLINE: LINK TO THE VIRTUAL CLASS ON TEAMSWe will build together a mini festival dedicated to film history, selecting 8 films to be screened in 5 days in the presence of 3 guests. It will be done “live” with the excel instruments specifically developed for sharing film selection and programming. A special attention will be dedicated to the timing of a cultural project workflow, both in the creative process and the staff management.


On Tuesday March 2th, from 15 to 17Place: AULA 1 - ASTRONOMIA (accesso da Via Ranzani, 1) - Piano Terra - Edificio in Bo - viale Berti Pichat 6-6/2. ONLINE: LINK TO THE VIRTUAL CLASS ON TEAMS We will build a real budget with a dedicated excel file, with all the necessary costs and possible funding resources. The project budget should be sustainable for possible financers or sponsors.


On Wednesday March 3th, from 15 to 17Place: AULA 22 - Piano Secondo - Edificio in Bo - p.zza A. Scaravilli 1-2. ONLINE: LINK TO THE VIRTUAL CLASS ON TEAMSThe lecture will be an overview of the festival funding on different levels: local funding from Cineteca di Bologna, private sponsors, regional and national funding requests, with their specific timing. And the Creative MEDIA funding from the European Community, with all the necessary conditions to fulfil. Il Cinema Ritrovato is one of the 3 Italian festivals to obtain these funding (out of 16 candidates).


On Wednesday March 10th, from 14 to 16, Place: AULA 22 - Piano Secondo - Edificio in Bo - p.zza A. Scaravilli 1-2. ONLINE: linkWe can have a final discussion with Q and A during the last lecture.


Short bio - GUY BORLÉE

Since 1995, coordinator of the international festival Il Cinema Ritrovato, dedicated to the study of film history. Specialisation in search of the best film sources at the international level, in the management of a large production team, in the creation of musical accompaniment for silent films, in the organisation of international conferences and in the economic management of events.

Since 1995, coordinator of the summer programming Sotto le Stelle del Cinema (Under the stars of cinema), presenting film classics open-air on a huge screen on Piazza Maggiore (central square of Bologna)

Curator since 1994 of thematic programmes and monographic retrospectives programmed at the Cinema Lumière in Bologna, and circuited throughout Italy and Europe (Il Cinema Ritrovato on Tour, Martin Scorsese, Belgian cinema, Cinema from the countries at war, Yasujiro Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi, Shohei Imamura, …).

Guy Borlée has presented the festival activity in many Universities recently: Paris 1 La Sorbonne, Paris 8 Saint Denis, INA, Mainz, Loyola Marymount, Brown, Bari, Potsdam, …