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Your Individual Study Plan

Students can complete the Study Plan on Studenti On Line.

The online Study Plan can be submitted by students regularly enrolled in the Master Program (having paid all tuition fees and, for Non EU students, holding a regular permit of stay).


Students can complete the Study Plan on Studenti On-Line in the following two periods: 

1st period: 
- October: from October 16 - November 4   
- December 1 - 28, 2017 (ONLY for enrolling students or students transfering from another university)

2nd period (for changes): 
- February 26 - March 10, 2018


Enter your Studenti On-Line page (possibly use Mozilla Firefox). Choose Teaching Activities and press the Save button before quitting the programme.

It is possible to change your Study Plan by adding or deleting courses. Please make sure that all the courses/teaching activity you are attending are included in your online study plan!


Within the 8 elective credits of the II year, students are strongly suggested to choose one of the two integrated courses not chosen before between: - 72991 New Media and Information Technology (I.C.) OR 67149 Regional Cultural Development (I.C.).
If a student decides to take a course related to a subject that is not provided by the GIOCA program, he/she must request to the Program Director the permission to take that specific course.

Please note that: 
- if a graduating student changes the Study Plan in the a.y. 2017/18, he/she will NOT be allowed to graduate in March 2018 (third graduation session of the a.y. 2016/17);
- it is NOT allowed to take exams of elective courses before the academic year in which these activities are planned in your course plan;
- it is NOT possible to fill in the Study Plan outside the two above mentioned periods. 

Students on international mobility

Students on a study exchange abroad (Erasmus or other opportunities) must complete the Study Plan online ONLY for those courses/activities NOT included in the Learning Agreement.