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6114 - Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts

The GIOCA Program aims to train high level graduates while opening them access to arts, cultural and creative industries. Its objective is to train professional figures able to work in the many spheres of culture, spacing from visual and performing arts, to publishing and music industries, and many more.

Graduates are able to work - both as employees and freelancers - in different types of organizations and are able to interact with the cultural and artistic dimension worldwide,  given by the cross-cultural experience received while studying.

Graduates typically go on to a wide range of roles both in cultural and non-cultural sectors such as Cultural Project Manager, Development, Fundraiser or Cultural Manager both in private and public organizations as well as in NGOs. 

Business initiative activities and freelance work appear to be one of the notable trends in the career pattern of the activities upon and prior to completing the course of studies at
GIOCA. Many GIOCA graduates have also successfully developed their own start-up and are ruling in the cultural industry. 

Graduates may also choose to pursue a PhD in related fields, both in Italy or abroad. 

Below you can see an overview of careers pursued by GIOCA graduates. Source: Heymin Kim, GIOCA graduate, class of 2018. 

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Corso di Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts - codice 6114
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