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Academic calendar and teaching plan

An insight of GIOCA: an interdisciplinary approach combining business and humanities to develop skills in cultural management.

Check in the box on the right the Academic Calendar for a.y. 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.

First Year - Class Schedule  
First year courses are held mainly in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday
Second Year - Class Schedule 
Second year courses are held mainly in the morning, from Monday to Friday

Welcome Week is planned on September to welcome and orientate new admitted students and to give information on School facilities, offices, administrative and online procedures and introduce students and professors, the course plan, the learning activities and the opportunities offered. The same week  some crash-courses will start. 


To download the program of each course see here

The basic idea around GIOCA is to supply a solid specialization regarding the three aspects of a broad body of knowledge commonly called administration: Economics, Law and Management.

Surrounding this central nucleus there are various supplemental courses, called Laboratories, aiming at providing a practical, rather than theoretical, viewpoint on operating issues in various artistic and cultural fields:

Various additional courses complement the basic curriculum and attempt to increase the knowledge, approach, and overall training offered to students: Sociology; Humanistic area; Methodological area.  


The final semester of the Program consists of an internship experience within an artistic or cultural organization or in public or private administration. The project work, elaborated under a supervisor’s guidance, will be the topic of the final thesis.


Crash-Courses are organized for those students who do not have an economic background, in order to fulfill pre-requisite basis on economics and management. ​

Each GIOCA student will receive an indication about which Crash Course will be considered mandatory or optional after a thorough assessment of their previous academic background.


From the operational point of view, the Master aims at an “intelligent” use of all aspects of the university resources:
- Lessons are interdisciplinary, exposing the students to problem solving, unique environments, and contacts with students from other programs;
- Courses are assembled ad hoc on the basis of the professors’ interests of research, which expresses an interdisciplinary work ethic and a disposition to innovation;
- Courses are assigned internally to scholars within the department, while others are assigned to international teachers or experts.

GIOCA also organizes seminars and conferences during the year inviting important professionals or professors; these are compulsory activities organized ad hoc only for the Program.

Attendance is compulsory: students must attend at least 70% of the lessons to be eligible to take the exams.