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Living in Rimini

An introduction to Rimini and to the Rimini campus of the University of Bologna

Rimini is a pleasant middle-sized city of about 150,000 inhabitants facing the Adriatic sea, and one of the most exciting tourism destinations in Europe, hosting 15 million overnight stays each year. It is home of one of the campuses of the University of Bologna and therefore it is the place in which the excellence of the most ancient university in the western world meets the ability of local entrepreneurs and of the public administration in developing a flourishing tourism sector. Indeed, the perfect place where to study tourism economics and management.

Rimini Campus

The Rimini Campus of the University of Bologna has approximately 6,000 students and:

  • 5000 square meters of teaching rooms;
  • 7 computer rooms, with a total of 170 personal computers
  • 52 European university partners and 131 Erasmus scholarships (School of Economics only)
  • WiFi connection in the whole campus (Almawifi)
  • University library (open until 10 pm) 
  • bars and restaurants with student discounts

More information about Rimini, and Rimini Tourism

The Students' Residence

The students' residence "Palace Hotel" is situated in front of the Rimini Railway Station close to the buildings of the campus. 5000 square meters house 90 students in 76 rooms arranged on four floors: 14 double rooms, 57 single rooms, 5 rooms for disabled students fully equipped with television, internet connection, air conditioning, kitchenette and private bathrooms. It also offers a wide range of common areas, as dining rooms on each floor, a large foyer, internet point, television and music room, fitness centre with locker room, a library, study halls and meeting rooms. The residence is also equipped with a motorcycle garage and bike parking area, a laundry and an ironing room. 

Admission to the “Palace Hotel" requires particular conditions as provided by lodging announcements of the Regional Grants Committee (ER.GO). More details are available on the web site:

The most common way to live in Rimini for students is, however, to rent bedplaces / rooms / apartments in the private market. Once in Rimini, students can easily browse the many noticeboards (within or outside the University) or local newspapers to find a suitable accommodation. 

Cost of Living

Expect to spend € 200-250 per month in a shared bedroom and € 300-350 for a single bedroom in a shared flat. A meal in the canteen or in a bar is around € 5-7 and pizza + beer in a pizzeria will cost € 15. In general, you avail of a huge variety of expenditure patterns and student might be able to spend as little as € 500-600 per month, although the average is a bit higher (€ 700-800). The city offers lots of temporary and part-time jobs for students, such as in bars, restaurants, hotels and other tourism structures and most of the students work to self-finance their studies. However, if you are a non-EU citizen, check whether your student visa will allow you to work while in Rimini.