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Aceept project week: “Cultural heritage and tourism off the beaten track”

Short-term Intensive International Programme in parthership with Aceept Network

from 20 November 2022 to 26 November 2022

Campus of Rimini - In presence event

The annual project week 2022 will be organized at the Campus of Rimini. Students will conduct an indepth research on a tourism related theme. The students work in mixed groups from different nationalities under the guidance of lecturers and professionals. Students may also get an assignment prior to and after the project week. Excursions and other international events can be arranged as well. Each University College selects maximum 12 students who will take part in the ACEEPT project week. As a result, about 90 to 100 students from 9 to 10 different European countries have the chance to experience an exciting and challenging international and educational week in a multi-lingual context.

8 Students of the degree programmes in: Economia del Turismo, International Tourism and Leisure Industries and Tourism Economics and Management will be selected according to the call for applications available here