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Programme aims

The 2nd cycle degree programme in Tourism Economics and Management aims to provide graduates with the competences required to fill highly qualified professional roles of responsibility in tourist destinations and tourism companies, tour operators, travel agencies, hospitality, tourist attraction and events organisation firms, nationally and internationally. Given the transversal nature of tourism, the graduates' skills will cover both the understanding of economic phenomena in the interaction between company and tourist destination, and accounting and strategic business management.

Coherently with the specific research traditions of the School of Economics, Management and Statistics in these areas, the degree programme provides knowledge concerning advanced micro- andmacro-economic modelling for the application of significant categories to understand and act on economic facts of tourism, balanced by business knowledge including management control, cost analysis and financial reporting, marketing strategies and work organisation of tourism businesses. Particular attention will focus on the concept of system governing the economic organisation and supply chain of tourism destinations, the organisation of events for cultural tourism, also with a view to sustainable tourism. The programme also aims to provide technical and quantitative knowledge of territorial programming and tourism flow forecasting, as well as the study of administrative law for local tourism systems organisation.