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TEaM Alumni

We have asked our former students about their experience and impression of the program, check what they have said.

What opportunities did the programme offer?

TEaM offered me a great learning curve in a multicultural environment. I benefited from school's close ties with UNWTO and had the opportunity to represent Unibo in first UNWTO Students' Advisory Board in the U.K. and an internship at UNWTO in Spain and Andorra. I completed another internship at Hilton Worldwide to study their Marketing strategies.

Ersin Yildirim - Turkey (class 2012/2014)

Why did you chose this programme?

The TEaM master degree will provide the necessary academic background, to anticipate and react to ever changing environments. It will equip me with the knowledge, confidence and understanding to what extent the success of local environment policy depends on civic participation in policy making.

Mohamad Gamal Moussa – Egypt (class 2012/2014)

What are you doing since graduation?

Since March, 2015, I have been working for a small online tour operator. I am currently responsible for the reservations and customer care, as well as the marketing and promotion of the TO, newsletters, social media, promotional campaigns, customers’ satisfaction, etc.

Gergana Angelova - Bulgaria (class 2013/2015)

Was the programme useful to reach your goals?

I am working at the UNWTO. My research thesis is about the contribution of tourism to peace building in conflicts and post conflicts areas, and my traineeship is done in the international organization, working for sustainable, responsible and accessible tourism worldwide. As Unibo student I had a push forward on professional and academic level.

Malak Zungi – Lebanon (Class 2013-2015)

What are you planning to do after graduation?

After graduation I am planning to work in the research field in tourism related topics, especially for the emerging Asian market. I am going to apply for traineeships or a graduation programs as a start. Maybe I will do a PhD after 1 or 2 years working experience, if I find it necessary.

Nancy Wdowiak - Germany (Class 2013/2015)

What is the thing that you will never forget from this experience?

The most important is all of my friends. Since the beginning I have met so many special people, who have become later very close friends. The multicultural environment you can breathe within the TEaM is so incredibly vibrant from a social point of view, that you will end up getting to know cultures and making friends from all around the world

Giorgio Fidei - Italy (Class 2013/2015)

Did the program meet your expectations?

TEaM has far exceeded my expectations. Being part of the program is much more than just university; it is a 360° experience. Indeed, to stay in contact with people from all over the world and to work closely together in and outside the class is the feature of the program that has impressed me most.

Jennifer Gaeta - Italy (Class 2013/2015)