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Incoming Exchange Students

Information for incoming exchange students - Dietistic Degree Programme

This page provides information for incoming exchange students of the Dietistic Degree Programme (Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, School of Medicine).

Please read carefully the information materials, as they will guide you through most of the administrative procedures required:


Before your exchange

Check whether your home University has an agreement with us for student mobility for studies (e.g. Erasmus+ Studies, Overseas, etc.). The international exchanges coordinator of your home University can provide information about the selection process leading up to your official nomination as an exchange student coming to the University of Bologna.

If no agreement is in place, we regret that we cannot accept you as an exchange student; however, you may consider applying for an Erasmus+ Traineeship exchange.


Read the general information page for all incoming exchange students at the University of Bologna - it covers topics such as accommodation, language courses, healthcare, etc. ("Prima di arrivare"), as well as your first days in Bologna ("Durante il periodo di scambio").


Fill in your Learning Agreement for Studies

Our course catalogue ("piano didattico") is available here.

When choosing your learning activities:

  • Check the semester information ("periodo" column) and choose only courses that will take place during your stay.
  • Courses (theoretical classes): you may choose either a full integrated course (e.g. 39135-CHIMICA DEGLI ALIMENTI E TECNOLOGIE ALIMENTARI (C.I.)-7 ECTS credits), or one or more of its modules (e.g. 39137-SCIENZE MERCEOLOGICHE E TECNOLOGIE ALIMENTARI-4 ECTS credits). It is not possible to list both an integrated course and its modules.
  • Elective courses (theoretical classes): elective courses can only be listed as integrated courses.
  • Clerkships: please refer to Dr. Francesca Pasqui for details about clerkships for incoming exchange students.
  • Make sure that each learning activity is listed on a separate line with its corresponding five-digit code and number of ECTS credits (do NOT sum or add ECTS credits of different learning activities).

You can use either the Learning Agreement form provided by your home University, or the Erasmus+ template provided in the "Allegati" box on the right side of this page.


Send us your final Learning Agreement, duly signed and stamped by your home University Coordinator, by the following deadlines:

   L.A. for Studies (final version)
Semester I / Full A.Y.
1 July 2018
Semester II
 1 December 2018

Learning Agreements ​must be submitted through AlmaRM - download instructions from the "Allegati" box on the right side of this page.

Please remember to use your institutional mailbox ( for correspondence with our offices after you complete your online pre-registration.


Immunisation and Health requirements for clerkships

Students who perform clerkships during their exchange will be scheduled for a medical check upon arrival. If you listed any kind of practical/clinical activity on your Learning Agreement, please make sure to bring with you:

The medical check is mandatory - students who are declared unfit to attend clinical activities will not be allowed to perform clerkships. 

Upon arrival / During your exchange

Complete your registration as soon as you arrive in Bologna (see "Durante lo scambio" > "Check in").

Join our welcome meetings:

  • General welcome meetings: dates to be announced
  • One-to-one welcome meetings: appointment details will be sent to your institutional mailbox ( after you complete your registration upon arrival.

Check your institutional mailbox ( for any urgent notice.

Useful links:


Changes to the Learning Agreement can be submitted by the following deadlines:

 Changes to the L.A. for Studies (final version)
Subjects taught during Semester I / Full A.Y.
9 November 2018
Subjects taught during Semester II only
 1​2 April 2019

You can use either the Changes to the Learning Agreement form provided by your home University, or the Erasmus+ template provided in the "Allegati" box on the right side of this page.

Learning Agreement changes ​must be submitted through AlmaRM - download instructions from the "Allegati" box on the right side of this page.


Before leaving Bologna at the end of your exchange

Check that all your grades are recorded on AlmaEsami.

If any grades are missing, please contact the Professor(s) in charge to clarify any matter related to the exam itself. If the grade is missing due to technical problems, please contact us as soon as possible.


Complete the checkout procedure ("Alla fine del periodo di scambio").

You may check out even if some of your grades are still missing - just remember to inform the staff at International Student Desk about it.


Please return all the books you borrowed from the University libraries before leaving!