dal 19 giu al 21 giu 2019

Migration from, to and within Europe: Economic and Social Opportunities and Costs

Room 3.3

International Conference

22 mag 2019

The future of energy: opportunities & challenges

Room 2.2

Dr Nicolò Sartori, Istituto Affari Internazionali

21 mag 2019

Globalization and Digital Security - Issues strategies and the way forward

Aula 3.2

Dr. Amitabh Anand, Researcher in Corporate international relations, Knowledge management and technology at SKEMA Business School

21 mag 2019

The Osce, Minority Protection and Confidence Building Measures: Experiences from the Balkans

Room 2.2

Mr. Gianpiero Granchielli, OSCE

20 mag 2019

South Africa

Aula 11 Teaching Hub

National and International Challenges

15 mag 2019

Atkison e Forchielli dibattono dell’economia che verrà

Aula 1, Teaching Hub, v.le Corridoni 20, Forlì

Intervistati da Gianni Riotta.

15 mag 2019

Borders securitization and the criminalization of solidarity

Room 2.2

Martina Tazzioli, Swansea University

09 mag 2019


Aula 1 - Teaching Hub - Viale Corridoni 20 - Forlì

Primo incontro tra Medici e Studenti Universitari di Sensibilizzazione e Prevenzione sugli Incidenti Stradali

08 mag 2019

Nato at 70: a reflection on transatlantic burden-sharing

Room 3.2

Presentation of the video: Fulfilling NATO’s burden-sharing commitments prepared by the students of the University of Bologna for the international competition “GWDebate – NATO debates”

08 mag 2019

Profili giuridici della Sharing economy

Aula 3 Teaching Hub

New Policies and Practices for European Sharing Cities

08 mag 2019

Kremlin's disinformation: the strategy and tactics, and European reactions

Room 2.2

Mr. Jakub Kalensky, Atlantic Council

08 mag 2019

Asylum, gender, jurisdiction

Room 3.3

Enrica Rigo, University of Roma Tre