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Opportunità per stranieri - Incoming Students

Here international students who will attend courses of Architecture at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna can find some useful advices.

Teaching activities

 - General advice: some useful advices for international students who will attend courses of Architecutre at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna.

  1. The School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna offers a Course of Architecture in Cesena.
  2. Keep in mind that 1 CFU corresponds to 1 ECTS.
  3. All the classes are held in Italian language, so Italian language should be known by the incoming Erasmus students.
  4. CLA organize free Italian courses for exchange students (Erasmus/Socrates, etc.) and international students who enrol at the University of Bologna. If you attend the course and pass the final exam you will achieve 5 ECTS. There are two courses every academic year that start at the beginning of each semester.
    It is strictly recommended to attend one of these courses in order to make teaching activities easier for both Erasmus students and Professors. Please check the web-sites for further information about the courses: CLA.
  5. Many Professors give the possibility to discuss the final exam in English. Please check on the web-sites of the Courses you are interested in.
  6. If a course is called "INTEGRATED COURSE" that means the course consists in 2 or 3 sub-courses. You can’t choose one of them separately (for instance, you can’t choose just "Architecture and Architectural Composition I", because it’s a sub-course that, together with "Distributive Features of Buildings I" and "City and Landscape Representation" is included into the Integrated Course called "LAB-BASED COURSE ON ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN I").
  7. Students who choose a "lab-based course" are expected to be active participants in the Course. If students do not participate, usually they cannot attend final exams.
  8. "Final workshops" are organized for a limited number of students. In order to do not compromise course organization, an Erasmus student can choose just 1 "Final workshop" per Academic Year. Every "Final workshop" can host 2 Erasmus students at maximum: for this reason we recommend to talk to the Professor first, to be sure that the course is still available.
  9. Optionally teachings are decided every A.Y. by the . The 20 CFU for the Magistrale Course indicated in the table are the maximum number of CFU you can get by attending all the optionally teachings the Course proposese for that Academic Year.

In attachment some information for incoming students

Degree course: academic course of Architecture available at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the Univesity of Bologna in Cesena.
2nd level degree course MAGISTRALE

Grading system

According to the Italian grading system, the evaluation precdeure is numbner grading system from 18 (the minimum passing grade) to 30 e lode (the maximum passing grade).
For more information it is possible to look at this link: ECTS grading scale.

Useful links

- Erasmus students at Cesena Campus: useful link for foreign students arriving in Cesena under the Erasmus programme.
Erasmus students at the Cesena Campus

- Learning Italian: CLA ornganizes Italian courses for exchange students (Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Overseas, etc.) and international students who want enrol at the University of Bologna.


  1. What’s the relation between Italian grades and ECTS grades?
    The ratio between credits in our Faculty and ECTS ones is 1:1. Moreover, the Faculty suggests you to use the conversion table between Italian and ECTS grades (see Grading system).
  2. What do I have to do once in Cesena?
    As soon as they arrive in Cesena, incoming students schould go to the International Office of Cesena Campus to register and to collect their student badge and exam booklet, their internet account and to have their Certificate of Attendance filled out and signed.
  3. Are the courses held in Italian?
    All our courses are held in Italian, so it is strongly advisable that the students have a minimum knowledge of the language or that they come early enough to attend the courses offered by the University. All incoming students can attend an Italian language course free of charge. Courses include lessons in class (30 hours) and self-study, and stands for 3 ECTS credits. Courses are held twice a year: in September to mid-November for students arriving in the 1stsemester and in January to mid-April for students arriving in the 2ndsemester. Each students can attend only one course, and more precisely, only the course held in his/her semester of arrival. Please notice that the course is free of charge for exchange students, but in order to participate students must fulfil the requirements set by the Language Centre organising the course. The courses are organised by our campus Language centre: CLA. Students who wish to attend have to register on-line on the CLA website (see below).
    Please check the CLA website for the on-line questionnarire and placement test and for the deadlines.