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Programme aims

The degree programme is structured to ensure thatstudents acquire a legal foundation and knowledge, at national and Europeanlevel, of the basic tools needed to update their knowledge, partly by theanalysis of historical information that enables legal institutions to beassessed in the light of their historical evolution. With support from seminarwork, students acquire specific skills and the ability to interpret situations,partly via the application of case study methodologies and techniques that addresstopics helpful for the understanding and evaluation of legal principles andinstitutions. … Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the single-cycle degree programme in Law,taught in Ravenna, requires possession of a secondary school diploma awardedafter five years of study or a foreign qualification recognised as suitable.Additionally, knowledge and competence in the following areas are required: - Good general education - Logic and reasoning abilities - Ability to understand and interpret texts and documents(in Italian) - Knowledge of basic legal concepts - Knowledge of a European Union language at A2 level as aminimum The methods for verifying the knowledge required foradmission are… Read more