Vai alla Homepage del Portale di Ateneo Single Cycle Degree/Combined bachelor and master in Pharmacy


  • Programme type Laurea Magistrale a ciclo unico (Single cycle degree/Combined Bachelor and Master - 300/360 ECTS)
  • Place of teaching Bologna
  • Language Italian
  • Type of access ​Restricted access - TOLC
  • Degree Programme Class LM-13 - Pharmacy and industrial pharmacy
  • Degree Programme Director Patrizia Hrelia
  • Degree type Double/Multiple degree
  • Learning activities Course structure diagram

Programme aims

The Single Cycle Degree Programme in Pharmacy is a five year programme whose main goalis to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge to give graduates solid scientificbases in order to practice as professional pharmacists andwork in healthcare as experts in medicines and health products (cosmetic products ,dieteticproducts and food supplements, herbal products, medical devices, sanitarygoods, etc.). The degree programme also aims to train professionalswith knowledge that will enable them: - to perform the role of health educators and participate ininstitutional campaigns… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission to the single cycle degree programme in Pharmacy requires possession of a secondary schooldiploma awardedafter five years of study or a foreign qualificationrecognised as suitable. Additionally, knowledge and skills in the following areas is required: · Biology · Chemistry · Mathematics · Physics · Logical reasoning · English language proficiency minimum level A2 based on the Common EuropeanFramework of Reference for Languages. The methods for verifying the knowledge required for admission aredefined in the degree programme… Read more