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Core Clinical Trainig (CCT) in Large Animals



Organisation of period and typical day


CCT Coordinator: Prof. Alessandro Spadari

Phone: +39 051 2097536


Safety procedures

Before starting one of the clinical CCT it is necessary to read carefully the manuals on the page: Safety and health of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences and to complete the tests on the safety of "companion animals"  and "farm animals".

Specific informations

For biosecurity reasons, during the CCT it’s very important to wear dedicated clothing and shoes (anti-hardship in case of activities with horses / cattle).

To this end, numerous lockers were placed at the disposal of students in three areas of the clinical area:

  • External study room (in front of the bathrooms), for the CCT of Animal Reproduction, Internal Medicine;
  •  Corridor in front of the Reproduction Operating Room, for the CCT of Animal Reproduction, Surgery and Internal Medicine.

Remember that it’s necessary to have a personal lock and that the locker must be freed at the end of each shift. 

Teaching Material

Veterinary Teaching Portal (VTP)