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Core Clinical Training (CCT) in Food Inspection, Control and Certification 2

Method of carrying out

The external CCT includes 2 days at the DIMEVET and 7 days at production facilities (cattle, pig and poultry or farmed game slaughterhouses) located in the AUSLs of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Romagna and 2 days of training and testing on the virtual slaughterhouse . Each day is considered 6 hours.

For activities at slaughterhouses, groups will be of  of 1 or 2 students according to the availability of the host structure.

The total number of absences allowed for the completion of the internship is 20% of the hours.

Before the start of the CCT

The student is required to:

  • Declare that she/he have read the rules on safety in slaughterhouses and laboratories based on current legislation (Legislative Decree 81 of 04/09/2008 and subsequent amendments, Legislative Decree No. 475 of 12/04/92, Presidential Decree 303/1956 art. 64 and DM 363 of 5/8/1998) reported in the document "Safety in laboratories-slaughterhouses-dairies" and to have completed the "Self-assessment test on safety" (box "Highlights");
  • Fill in and deliver the Training Project to Prof. Andrea Serraino (downloadable from the attachment box). The Professor will sign the document, which is mandatory and also necessary for insurance purposes; it is therefore important that it takes place before the start of the internship period (at least 15 days). The ASL representatives are instructed not to allow students to carry out the internship in the absence of this document.

The delivery and collection of the training project, duly completed and signed, will take place through the use of the transparent box positioned outside the SEFA studios or by sending a signed PDF to Prof. Serraino;

  • Collect the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from Dr. Matilde Cecchini ( at the DIMEVET;
  • Fill the confidentiality declaration on the curricular internships page;
  • Know the general Covid prevention rules and respect the specific rules of the host structures.

During the CCT

The student must:

Always bring:

- PPE,

- Safety boots,

- Clean coat,

- masks,

- Statement of confidentiality,

- Training project;

- Certificate of attendance to the course: "Security Legislative Decree 81/08" (done at Unibo);

Have the CCT booklet and the training project signed by the person in charge of the facility at each internship day

Being able to reach the place where the CCT activities are to be carried out by one's own means (i.e. must be able to reach the indicated locations independently);

Follow the instructions of the tutors and refer to them for any organizational or other need;

Respect the confidentiality obligations regarding production processes, products or other information of a confidential nature relating to the institution of which it becomes aware, both during and after the internship.

At the end of the CCT

For the purposes of recording, the student must send Prof. Serraino a scan of the:

  • CCT booklet, completed and signed;
  • Training project, complete with all the signatures of the Ausl representatives;
  • Report about the Virtual Slaughterhouse (see course website LINK)

How to register

Registration for the internship takes place via the Studenti Online application, by selecting the Curricular Internship icon.

The application allows you to choose the month during which you wish to carry out the PPT.

Before the start of the CCT, the student will receive an email containing the calendar of the groups and an indication of the group to which he has been assigned.

The calendar indicates, for each group, the training days with an indication of the structures, addresses and contact persons.




CCT Coordinator: Prof. Andrea Serraino

Phone: +39 051 2097323