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Core Clinical Training (CCT) in Transmissible Diseases

The Core Clinical Training (CCT) aims to ensure that the student is able to:

  • carry out a health risk analysis and identify the most correct strategies for the control and prophylaxis of communicable diseases,
  • appropriately approach the management of a parasitic disease, both by applying basic diagnostic tools and assessing the consequences of the host/parasite/environment relationship in order to set up prophylaxis plans to control and prevent the pathological phenomenon and its socio-economic consequences,
  • evaluate, analyze and improve the welfare and health conditions of farmed livestock,
  • To improve the knowledge on the control of stray dogs and stray cats and the institutional tasks of the Public Veterinary Service in the urban management of kennels and shelters.


Syllabus Vet05

Syllabus Vet06

Syllabus Vet08

Organisation of period and typical day


Teaching material

Veterinary Urban Hygiene



CCT Coordinator: Prof.ssa Mara Battilani 
Telephone: +39 051 20 97081