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Core Clinical Training in Food Inspection, Control and Certification 1

The Core Clinical Training (CCT) in Food Inspection, control and certification 1 includes practical activities to train the students on the methodologies to analyse different food production processes, and in particular the dairy food productions, identify all critical food hygiene and safety issues associated to food production and learn how to perform the microbiological and chemical risk assessment as well as management.

The CCT is focused on the professional expertise which are needed in the agri-foods chain and is organized in practical activities to be held in the teaching laboratories and facilities of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences. The production processes will be mapped, critical steps will be identified, scenarios requiring problem solving skills will be examined, food samples will be analysed and results critically assessed.



Organization of period and typical day

Teaching materials

The teaching material for the CCT in Food Inspection, control and certification 1 is provided by the Professors.


CCT Coordinator: Prof.ssa Alessandra De Cesare

Phone: +39 051 2097583