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EAEVE ACCREDITATION - European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education

The veterinary medicine degree programme obtained the status of an EAEVE accredited course (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education) in May 2014.

EAEVE Accreditation is a recognition of the validity of a journey started some years ago, aimed at making the learning process more effective and clear. This important achievement is the objective recognition of true excellence in Italy and in Europe.

From 5 to 9 May 2014, a committee of EAEVE (European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education) experts evaluated the facilities of the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences (DIMEVET) and the Degree Programme in Veterinary Medicine of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna.

The committee verified that the school met the European standards for the renewal of the certification, previously obtained twice [Stage 1 - Approval], and the acquisition of the ‘accredited teaching structure’ status [Stage 2 - Accreditation].

The EAEVE Commission verified what is required by European standards and what is offered by DIMEVET, ensuring they correspond by interviewing students, teachers and technicians who live and work in the structure on specific topics. Facilities, equipment and services for teaching, research and a relationship with the local region were assessed. Procedures regarding the safety, quality and transparency of the organization were also examined and found to be compliant.

The visiting Commission’s evaluation, resulting in a double-promotion proposal, was formally made official by ECOVE (the European Committee of Veterinary Education) in December 2014.

DIMEVET’s degree programme in veterinary medicine at the University of Bologna is currently among the ten European institutions with the status of accredited structure, unique in Southern Europe.

A look at EAEVE

Mission and objectives

EAEVE (the European Association of Establishment for Veterinary Education) is an association that brings together European structures (and not only) dedicated to teaching veterinary medicine with the aim of "evaluating, promoting and further improving the quality standards of the structures and of the teaching of veterinary medicine". EAEVE works to make European Directive 36/2005 enforceable by establishing shared quality requirements that European graduates in veterinary medicine and other 6 professional areas must possess.

The certification process (Stage 1: Approval) and accreditation (Stage 2: Accredited)

The European certification and accreditation process is divided into two levels:

  • Certification (Stage 1 - Approval), which is aimed at verifying that the facility meets the requirements in terms of the structures, clinical cases and personnel necessary to shape good graduates in veterinary medicine;
  • Accreditation (Stage 2 - Accredited) evaluates if the certificate in Stage 1 complies with the strict quality assurance requirements

A guarantee for students and for society

The EAEVE evaluation system, through the assignment of the "Certification" and "Accreditation" status to successful structures in two successive steps, is a guarantee for students and society (Continued)

The evaluation process

Requests are submitted voluntarily to EAEVE by the structure that wants to be examined. (Continue)

The EAEVE commission in Bologna

In preparation of the visit

At the time of the second certification in 2005, the team of experts left a final report with a series of suggestions aimed at improving the weak points they encountered. (Continued)

The visit "in brief" - May 2014

The visit began with the so-called "walk and talk", in which the committee took a guided tour of the entire structure. (Continued)

The final report: strengths

The experts reported significant improvements compared to the previous visit. The commission appreciated DIMEVET’s decision to present itself in a completely transparent, truthful way, showing its strengths but also its weaknesses. (Continued)

The final report: weaknesses

The committee’s final report presented some minor issues that DIMEVET is committed to resolving. (Continued)

What it means to be accredited

Accreditation is the recognition of a journey started several years ago, aimed at making the learning process more effective and clear. After accreditation, DIMEVET’s main goal is implementing serious and structured projects aimed at realizing the suggestions of the experts and strengthening the results obtained to make them positively contagious. (Continued)