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Mobility programmes: approval, change, and recognition of activities

Learning Agreement submission and approval

Please, make sure:

  1. that all the courses chosen will be actually available abroad during your mobility semester/period;
  2. to agree on the courses to be chosen with your Exchange Coordinator;
  3. to compile your LA according to the instructions available on the AlmaRM link Manuale per la compilazione (English version at the bottom);
  4. that your LA will be preferably approved within next June, to respect the possible deadlines of foreigner Universities and complete all the procedure within next September (first possible month for your leaving)

Changes to the Learning Agreement

Please refer to the AlmaRM link-page Note sulla modifica di Learning Agreement approvati (English version at the bottom).

Credits recognition procedure

Please refer to the attachment Veterinaria-Procedura Riconoscimenti Erasmus (Italian version only)