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Preparing the study plan

Information on how to prepare and present a study plan.

What is the Study Plan

The study plan is the collection of all the exams you must take to graduate. Some exams are mandatory, while others are elective.

You can submit the study plan starting from the fourth year if you are regularly enrolled, up to date with the payment of university fees, and in possession of a valid residence permit in the case of an international student.

Period for submitting the study plan

For fourth-year students:

  • From October 9 to November 23, 2023.

For fifth-year students:

  • From October 23 to November 23, 2023.

Until the closing date of the online procedure, the choices made can be independently modified by submitting a new study plan. After the deadline, the last submitted study plan will be considered valid, and no further changes can be made.

 Students who do not complete the study plan within the specified deadlines cannot submit the graduation application.

Method of submitting the study plan

To choose optional courses, students must log into the Studenti Online platform and fill out the section dedicated to the study plan. To validate the choices, click on the "save" button so that the study plan can be correctly submitted. After saving, it is recommended to check the AlmaEsami profile to ensure that the chosen subjects have indeed been included in the study plan.

Fourth-year (and fifth-year, if not done previously) enrolled students must choose exams, eligibility, or "soft skills" courses (only for the fourth year) from those listed in the study plan, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Courses organized by the study program and delivered directly on-site;
  • Courses on so-called transversal skills ("soft skills") centrally managed by the University, with lessons held in a location different from that of the study program;
  • Language proficiency tests, managed by the CLA - University Language Center.

Out-of-course students who wish to modify a previously submitted study plan must fill out the paper form found in the "Attachments" section and send it exclusively to the Student Office (

Courses that do not have a sufficient number of students (minimum 5) will not be activated. The Student Office will contact the affected students to choose replacement courses for those not activated.


Note: Fifth-year students must choose the mode of the final exam.


In preparation for the final exam, the student can choose to carry out practical and research activities at external institutions and companies or within university laboratories. These preparatory activities can be included in the academic record to specify the nature of the work done and recorded with an eligibility.


A student conducting practical activities in preparation for the final exam in Italy or abroad must break down the final exam into two parts:

  • 44304 Preparation for the final exam (if in Italy) + 93747 Final exam (discussion)
  • 81355 Preparation for the final exam abroad + 93747 Final exam (discussion).

This breakdown must be chosen every time practical activities are carried out continuously in the laboratory in preparation for the final project.

Alternatively, if the decision is made not to include the "Preparation for the final exam" or "Preparation for the final exam abroad" activity, the "27083 Final exam LM" activity must always be included in the study plan.

 81355 - Preparation for the final exam abroad

If you choose this activity, you intend to participate in a call for international mobility at the University (e.g., Thesis Abroad Call, Erasmus+, etc.). The identification of the host institution and the definition of activities are to be agreed upon with the thesis supervisor. The activity must have a duration of 200 hours (8 ECTS).

44304 - Preparation for the final exam

If you choose this activity, you intend to activate an internship by submitting a request through SOL - Internships. The activity must have a duration of 200 hours (8 ECTS) and must be completed within 12 months from the start date.

27083 - Final exam LM

If you choose this activity, you intend to prepare a thesis that does not require continuous presence either at university facilities or external institutions (companies/agencies). This activity must always be included in the study plan if you choose not to include the "81355 Preparation for the final exam abroad" or "44304 Preparation for the final exam" activities.

For any doubts or clarifications, contact the Educational Services: