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Recognition of Work or Extracurricular Activities in place of Elective Practical Training or Core Clinical Training

A student who has performed extracurricular activities consistent with her/his educational path may request recognition of these activities in place of an Elective Practical Training or Core Clinical Training.  

Extracurricular activities refer to work or similar activities.

The Degree Programme Board decided that it is not possible to carry out Core Clinical Trainings in clinical subjects outside DIMEVET, except for those taking part to exchange programmes (Erasmus calls). 

Therefore, it is possible to submit a recognition request for extra-mural activities in place of:

  • Elective practical training in preparation of the final examination;
  • Core Clinical trainings in non clinical subjects.

The recognition request is evaluated by the Degree Programme Board, in accordance with the Core Clinical Training delegate of the Programme.

Students can submit a recognition request:

  • at any time during the year;
  • regardless of the existence of an agreement between the University and the hosting organization where the extracurricular activity was carried out;
  • if the owner, manager, partner, or executive of the organization where the activity was performed is not a relative of the student himself/herself.

To request recognition, students have to submit the following to the Student Administration Office:

  • a complete and signed recognition application for credits earned through extracurricular activities with a €16 revenue stamp applied;
  • a completed and signed certificate written by the hosting organization regarding the activities carried out;
  • a final Training report.

It is possible to recognize up to 12 ECTS; however, this limit does not apply to the recognition of activities related to the preparation of the final examination (Elective Practical Training for the final examination).

The outcome of the evaluation is communicated to the student by the Student Administration Office within 60 days from the request's submission. In case of a positive outcome, the Core Clinical Training/Elective Practical Training is recorded in the Student academic record.