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Aquaculture and Fish Production Hygiene

Programme aims

The degree course in Aquaculture and Fish Production Hygiene sets out to create professionals working in all branches of aquatic-animal rearing, such as technical, hygiene and economic management of zootechnical farms in the fish sector (aquaculture or mariculture expert), as well as firms supplying technical means and services, and firms engaged in transforming and commercializing fish products. Graduates may also practise as freelance Agricultural Technicians and Graduate Agricultural Technicians (a Europe-wide qualification). The degree programme trains technicians to devise and manage… Read more

Admission requirements

Access requirements To be accepted on this degree programme you need to have a 5-year high school leaver's certificate or foreign qualification recognised as compatible, or a 4-year high school leaver's diploma plus catch-up year or, where that is no longer being run, proof of having made up an additional learning requirement. Knowledge requirement You also need to be able to speak and write Italian and to have good reasoning skills. Knowledge test A non-selective interview will test whether your knowledge is appropriate. If the interview shows a deficiency,… Read more