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Building Engineering

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Programme aims

The learning outcomes are ensured by a curriculum inwhich students learn to master the methodological and operational aspects thathave historically characterised the training of building engineers, working asdesigner, design manager, production and use of buildings and infrastructures.The curriculum provides solid basic grounding in physics and mathematics,geology, chemistry and materials technology as well as in design and history ofarchitecture. Students will then go on to study more specific core subjects,working constantly throughout the programme to develop the specific methods… Read more

Admission requirements

Admission tothe 1st cycle degree programme in Building Engineering is subject tothe possession of a secondary school diploma or other suitable qualificationobtained abroad. Admission to the degree programme is also subject to thepossession of strong oral and written Italian language skills, logicalreasoning skills, knowledge of and ability to use the main results ofelementary mathematics and the foundations of experimental sciences. Candidatesnot passing the assessment for admission will be assigned additional learningrequirements. These additional learning requirements are subject to… Read more