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Mobility programmes for study: approval, change, and recognition of activities

Information valid for the School of Economics&Management

Are you about to spend a mobility period abroad?

Here you can find specific information and procedures you need to follow after accepting the exchange opportunity.

Remember to read all the information on the University of Bologna webpage for outgoing students carefully.

Information valid specifically for EPOS students

The following instructions should be considered together with the ones valid for the whole School of Economics & Management linked above.

During your third year – but also earlier that that – you will be able to complete some exams abroad through an Erasmus or Overseas program, or to do an internship abroad. In order to do so, you present it in your study plan and arrive at a so called Learning Agreement before your departure. You must identify those courses at the host institution that best match the ones you want credit for at the University of Bologna. You can seek equivalents to the required EPOS courses of the second and third year; you can also usefully look at the EPOS study plan. In principle it is also possible to ask to convert your activities abroad into courses not listed in the EPOS study plan, but that is subject to a case-by-case approval (the complete list of courses available at Unibo is here).

As an EPOS student, you can submit your learning agreement at any time on AlmaRM. The next step will be a validation process. Validation is just the first step! It is possible for a validated learning agreement to be later rejected by the EPOS board. When will the decision happen? The EPOS board makes the final decision only at the dates listed below: all the learning agreements that have been validated within the given date will be considered and either approved or rejected:

Proposals validated by (will be approved by)

Nov 27th (Dec 1st) 2023

Jan 15th (Jan 19th) 2024

Feb 26th (Mar 1st) 2024

June 24th (June 28th) 2024

July 22nd (July 26th) 2024

Sep 2nd (Sep 6th)  2024

For example, all Learning Agreements submitted and validated by Nov 27th will be approved or rejected by Dec 1st. If you submit your Learning Agreement on Nov 28th, you will have to wait until Jan 19th for the approval.

The faculty member in charge of deciding on learning agreements is Prof. Martin Gonzalez Eiras, and the final approval is done by the Programme Director on behalf of the Degree Programme Board. All your communications, though, should be directed at the International Relations Office (, and not to Prof. Gonzalez Eiras or the Programme Director. Even if you have deadlines, please contact the relevant Office. They will then forward the documents if needed.