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EPOS is a new undergraduate degree course that offers a multidisciplinary training in the social sciences, from both a quantitative and a qualitative perspective.

The course provides students with multidisciplinary preparation which enables them to analyse the different facets of economic, political and social reality, both nationally and internationally.

The course combines core teachings in economics and political sciences with training activities in statistics, management and law.

In comparison to other programs in Political Science or Economics, EPOS provides a more robust training in the quantitative skills necessary for empirical analysis in the social sciences, and the interpretative tools to ask relevant questions and understand complex environments.

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In the above page some courses shown as not available for the current year. Why?

All courses will be available to the students who will enroll this year. EPOS is a new Bachelor Degree and currently only the first and second cohort of students are on site (first and second year). Hence, third year courses are not active, because there are not yet students who can attend them, but all the courses listed on this website will be activated in due time.