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Programme aims

Programme aims

Economics, Politics and Social Sciences is a new undergraduate degree programme that offers multidisciplinary training in the social sciences, from both a quantitative and a qualitative perspective.
The programme provides students with a preparation that enables them to analyse the different facets of economic, political and social reality, both nationally and internationally. Students will acquire the quantitative skills necessary for empirical analysis in the social sciences, and the interpretative tools to ask relevant questions and understand complex environments.
The programme combines core teaching in economics and political science with training activities in statistics, management and law. The programme structure is tailored and updated based on the needs of both the private sector and public administration.

What job opportunities are available to an EPOS graduate?

The interdisciplinary nature of the course means that there is a wide range of possible career options, both in the public and private sectors. Possible career opportunities include international organisations, research centres, NGOs, private companies operating internationally, demographic institutes, news agencies, and so on. Training in statistics, computer programming, and data analysis qualify students to work in fields in particular demand on the labour market. By the end of the course, students will also have increased their competence in English, which will widen the range of possibilities for finding work internationally.

Does EPOS prepare me for a Master’s degree?

EPOS prepares students to apply to MAs in the areas of Economics, Management, Sociology, Political Science, History, Legal studies, and Statistics.

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