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What is an internship

The internship activity is an experience planned to complete your academic education with practical work at companies, public offices or labs within the University of Bologna.

Types of internships included in your Degree Programme

The Degree Programme includes:

internship (compulsory). It allows students to gain 7 credits (CFU) and it is always aimed at writing the final examination.

Eligible activities:

  1. if you are interested in one of the available thesis projects listed in the box "Highlights", please contact the Professor in charge to discuss the details;
  2. internship activity at a Company/Institution.

When can you apply

You can apply for the curricular internship starting from the third Course year, at any time of the A.Y. but you will be allowed to start the activity only from the beginning of the second semester onwards. The Academic Tutor is always the Thesis Supervisor.