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TOLC: what it is and how it works

This is a restricted-access degree programme that requires the TOLC-I (CISIA On-line test) as a check of basic knowledge to identify any weaknesses in your basic preparation, so that remedial activities can be arranged that will help you to complete the curriculum successfully.

Read the call for applications carefully to understand the procedures and find out about the deadlines for registering for the TOLC and enrolling for the degree programme.

The test:

  • is compulsory and must be taken prior to matriculation: you cannot enrol if you have not taken the test.

  • even if you fail to achieve the minimum TOLC-I score required for the degree programme, you can still enrol, but you will be assigned an Additional Learning Requirement (OFA).

You must register for the TOLC on-line via the CISIA website and pay a fee of €30.

To take the TOLC test you need to register in advance for the date selected on the basis of the deadlines set by CISIA.

For the 2023/24 selections, TOLCs are valid if sat on or after 1 January 2022. All TOLC tests, whether taken in person or remotely, are valid for admission to degree programmes. TOLC tests can be taken at any university, even a different one from the one you want to enrol at. 

The University of Bologna organises TOLCs between February and July 2023 and only in person. To find other ways to take the TOLC, please visit the CISIA website.

Check on the CISIA website:

  • dates and venues where can already register,
  • deadline by which you must register,
  • available places.

After taking the TOLC you will be able to view and print the result from your profile on the CISIA website.


After sitting the TOLC, if your score is above the minimum level required, you can register for a selection to enter the rankings list.
Read the call for applications carefully and follow the instructions on how to register for the selection.

You must register for the selection via Studenti Online and pay the fee of €20.
You can register for the selection before sitting the TOLC.

The selection does not consist of further tests but only in entering the list of merit based on the score obtained in the TOLC, assessed according to the criteria included in the call for applications.

Wait for the lists to be published in your personal profile on Studenti online.
If the score you obtain in the test – shown in the English TOLC-I certificate that you will be able to see in your profile on the CISIA website – is below the required level, you will be assigned an Additional Learning Requirement (OFA).

If your ranking entitles you to a place:
 - you can enrol for the course, in compliance with procedures and deadlines specified by the call, through Studenti online. If you fail to enrol before the deadline you lose your place.

If your ranking does not entitle you to a place, or if you fail to enrol before deadlines specified in the call:  
 - you can apply for the next selection of the same course (if foreseen) without having to retake the TOLC or having to pay the fee again;
 - you may indicate your interest in any recovered places by clicking on the relevant button on Studenti Online and waiting for the outcome.

If after the recovery procedures your still are not entitled to a place:  
- you cannot enrol for the course unless there are still places available and an extraordinary selection is activated. In such cases, you are invited to read carefully the terms specified in the call.

Students with special needs and SLD may request test adaptations. See the information available on the website of the Services for students with special needs and SLD.

If you have special needs and wish to extend your study period, you may opt for the flexible curriculum and submit your application after enrolling.