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Curricular Internship

Curricular internships are learning activities that allow students to obtain credits contemplated in the course structure diagram of their degree programme, which also allow to acquire practical skills and make initial contact with the world of work.

An internship is an opportunity for you to learn, grow, and contribute in a professional setting.

Internships are carried out on the basis of an agreement between the University of Bologna and the host institution (company, public body, professional firm, etc.) and an internship programme signed by the parties concerned.

The duration of the internship is not to exceed 150 hours (6 university educational credits, CFU)

Who is eligible

Students are eligible for internships, which must be carried out as part of their degree programme. For this course, internships are an optional learning activity.

Once included in your study plan, your internship can be carried out starting from the year in which it is planned. Internships cannot take place during the 1st or 2nd year.


Unless otherwise established by national or European regulations, internships normally have a duration of 25 hours for every university educational credit assigned to them in the degree programme’s course structure diagram. Internships must be completed within 6 months of their start date.

 How to choose the host institution

Internships may be carried out at the university or externally, either in Italy or abroad.
To choose the location of your internship, you can consult the list of institutions and organisations that have agreements with the university and/or internship offers already published on Tirocini online.
If none of the offers match your interests, you can submit a personalised application and, if approved, ask the host institution to publish an offer addressed to you (known as an “ad personam” offer), via the university's internship application. If the host institution does not already have an agreement with the university, an agreement may be stipulated and, once signed, the internship can start.

How to activate an internship:


1) Add the internship to your study plan;
2) You must have attended the occupational health and safety course under article 37 c. 2 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 and have obtained the necessary certification;
3) Apply for internships for offers and/or letters of inquiry for organisations you are interested in, through Tirocini online only, indicating the name of the university tutor (Prof. Francesca Roversi MonacoMariateresa Guerrini, Tommaso Duranti); attach your CV and motivation letter;

4) Requests will be validated by the tutor and by the Internship Committee; 

Then follow the steps as indicated in the emails you receive at your university e-mail address;

5) Download the internship form to be signed by you and the host institution from Tirocini online;

6) Attach the internship programme signed by you and by the host institution and wait for approval;

7) Download the attendance register.

The internship will start after having downloaded the attendance log.

Important: the internship will start ONLY if the entire procedure has been completed. 
The internship can be completed between the start and end dates shown on the attendance register.

During the internship

During the internship, you must keep in contact with your University Tutor, to whom you can refer to for any support or advice you may need on how to carry out your activities. You must record your daily activities in the attendance register. 

Internship hours must be recorded between the start and end dates shown on the attendance register.
Before leaving the host institution, make sure that the attendance register is countersigned by the host contact person.

Withdrawal, interruption or suspension of the internship

It is possible to interrupt the curricular internship for any reason and at any time, by sending notice via fax or e-mail to the Teaching Office (, and by filling in the Interruzione Tirocinio curriculare (Curricular Internship Interruption) form.

After interruption, students will have to start a curricular internship at another company, and the hours already completed won't be recognized.

Curricular internships at the host institution can be extended only if the student has not reached the minimum required hours to obtain the credits required by ​their degree programme. The extension form should contain all the personal details of the trainee, the tutor’s name, the dates (actual and expected) of the beginning and the end of the internship, and it must be sent, well before the conclusion date of the internship, to the Teaching Office (

Important: under no circumstances shall the traineeship last more than six months.


Request for recognition of work carried out during the internship

Students can ask for recognition of their internship in the following cases:

 - if they worked through a employment contract (fixed-term contract or open-ended contract) or if they worked as an independent contractor, or through an apprenticeship, etc., excluding self-employed activities (form 1)

 - if they were part of the National Civil Service (form 2)

- if they managed voluntary work activities consistent with the purposes of the degree programme, having the same duration of the internship (form 3)

Students can submit a request for recognition:

  • after starting the internship in the study plan;
  • at the end of the activity (in Italy or abroad);
  • regardless of the existence of an internship agreement between the host institution where the internship took place and the University of Bologna. 

For recognition, students must complete and present a special form (form attached). After verifying the eligibility of the application and the conformity of the documentation, the Internship Committee (Prof. Francesca Roversi Monaco, Maria Teresa Guerrini, or Tommaso Duranti), will approve or deny the request. The committee’s decision will be submitted to the Degree Programme Board.

If approved, the "RC" acknowledgment for the career internship will be provided.



The University of Bologna provides insurance for students against accidents at work and third-party liability claims. These policies are written by insurance companies that specialise in the sector.
In the event of travel to locations or structures not indicated in the approved curricular internship programme, you can request an insurance extension - even during the internship - on condition that the travel concerned is consistent with the objectives of the internship.

Insurance coverage is guaranteed only during the period approved for the internship programme. All hours from before the approved starting date will not be recognised, and any hours completed after the approved date and not motivated by a request for extension will not be counted towards the total amount of hours necessary to earn the university educational credits required by the study plan.