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Programme Coordinator

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Teaching organisation of the degree programme, support for the preparation of study plans.

Chiara Liverani

Indirizzo: Padiglione Morgagni - via Giacomo della Torre, 1 Forlì
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Degree Programme Tutor

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Method of access to the degree programme, conduct of learning activities, information about logistics or organisational matters


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Enrolments, changes and transfers, degree, diploma supplements

Virtual Help Desk:

Virtual office hours details are available at[…]/student-administration-office-1

Tel: +39 0543 3 74809

Fax: +39 051 20 86296

Indirizzo: Padiglione Melandri, Piazzale Solieri 1, 47121 Forlì

International Relations Office - URI

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The International Relations Office of the Campus of Forli coordinates the international mobility programmes for study and internship, and provides information on study opportunities and internship under agreements with foreign universities

Information for International Students

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Degree programmes, exchange programmes, professional master programmes, PhD programmes, Italian language courses and right to higher education.

Internships and Placement

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The service aims to bolster interaction between the University and the working world; it offers placements with companies, professional practices and service structures, whether locally, elsewhere in Italy or abroad.