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Take part in the “Polo Universitario Penitenziario” (Penitentiary University Hub) project as student volunteer

Apply no later than 13:00 on 30 June 2022 from Studenti Online personal account area.

Published on 26 May 2022

May 30 – From UNIBO to the World’s Rock Stages: Launching the Biggest Rock Band on Earth

Fabio Zaffagnini, CEO of Rockin’1000, will be the guest speaker of the online talk promoted by the DiSA-Management Chapter of the Almae Matris Alumni Association. The event will be held in English.

Published on 25 May 2022

May 25 - LinkedIn, your launching pad to acquire new customers

The SSLMIT/DIT Chapter of the Almae Matris Alumni Association promotes a meeting, in presence and online, dedicated to the potential of LinkedIn. Guest speaker: the marketing expert Stefania Milo.

Published on 23 May 2022

Startup Day - Moving innovation

On 20 May, take part in the free event on innovation and entrepreneurship culture. Register now!

Published on 13 May 2022

Una Europa Student Local Task Force. Unibo LTF is looking for new members! Apply now. Deadline: 22 May

The Local Task Force of the University of Bologna is the group representing UniBo students within Una Europa and the organiser of Una activities and events at the local level.

Published on 06 May 2022

In-person exams

Written and oral exams will be held mainly in person. Until 31 May 2022, the following students may be exempt from attending exams in person.

Published on 29 April 2022

Career day - 17 May at Pavilion 33 in BolognaFiere

Take part in the 2022 edition of Career Day, the main networking event for students/graduates of the University of Bologna and companies.

Published on 21 April 2022

A lezione con il Campus di Forlì

Il Campus di Forlì offre l’opportunità di partecipare a lezioni universitarie dei loro corsi di laurea, lauree magistrali a ciclo unico e dei corsi di laurea magistrale.

Published on 19 April 2022

Collegio Superiore: the first cycle call for applications is online

Students who enrol in the first year of a 1st Cycle Degree Programme or Single cycle Degree/Combined Bachelor and Master may submit their applications to the Collegio Superiore. Deadline: 16 June.

Published on 14 April 2022


Nato Model Event - 2022 Edition. Call for application deadline is 27/04/2022!

Published on 13 April 2022

Easter vacation

Wea are closed from 14 April to 19 April included.

Published on 11 April 2022

One Health Summer School

Apply now to attend the Una Europa One Health Summer School for two inspiring, eye-opening weeks at the University of Edinburgh from 25 July to 5 August 2022.

Published on 04 April 2022