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International Conference - Past and Present Migration Challenges: What European and American History Can Teach Us

June 2-3-4, 2022 - The Conference will take place in Bertinoro (part of the Forlì Campus of the University of Bologna) in the beautiful, frescoed room of its medieval castle (Rocca)

Published on 31 May 2022

The Exhibition/La Mostra alla Rocca di Bertinoro “Saperi che non si dimenticano: il patrimonio delle imprese e degli imprenditori italiani in Argentina” - “Unforgettable knowledge: the heritage of Italian businesses and entrepreneurs in Argentina” (will be inaugurated/sarà inaugurata 2 giugno 2022 alle 18)

Participants and affiliations (in alphabetical order)

  1. Balsas Maria Soledad, CONICET, Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, San Justo
  2. Battilani Patrizia, University of Bologna
  3. Bernát, Anikó, TÁRKI Social Research Institute, Budapest
  4. Cavelli Chiara, IPC Verri, Busto Arsizio
  5. Ceccorulli Michela, University of Bologna
  6. Dallara Cristina, University of Bologna
  7. Dugar Giulia, University of Bologna
  8. Fauri Francesca University of Bologna
  9. Francesco Scalone, University of Bologna
  10. Galantino Maria Grazia, Sapienza University, Rome
  11. Galassi Paolo, CEINA, Universidad Nacional del Sur, Bahía Blanca
  12. Gasperoni Giancarlo, University of Bologna
  13. Impicciatore Roberto, University of Bologna
  14. Lacchei Alice, University of Bologna
  15. Lucassen Leo, Leiden University
  16. Mantovani Debora, University of Bologna
  17. McQuinn Mark, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
  18. Merlotti Herédia Vania Beatriz, University of Caxias do Sul
  19. Messineo Francesca, Sapienza University, Rome
  20. Pastorino Veronica, University of Bologna
  21. Rettaroli Rosella, University of Bologna
  22. Samoggia Alessandra, University of Bologna
  23. Scalone Francesco, University of Bologna
  24. Sebesta Lorenza, Universidad de Buenos Aires
  25. Strangio Donatella, Sapienza University, Rome
  26. Tedeschi Paolo, Bicocca University, Milan
  27. Tóth Judit, University of Szeged
  28. Varini Valerio, Bicocca University, Milan
  29. Vlach Eleonora, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main

This Conference and the attached Exhibition originate within an Erasmus+ project of the European
Commission awarded in 2020 by a research team coordinated by Francesca Fauri of the University
of Bologna, with the help of the Punto Europa in Forlì. The research team also consists of Donatella
Strangio, Debora Mantovani, Eleonora Vlach, Vania Herédia, María Soledad Balsas, Paolo Galassi
and Fabio Casini. The project – titled “Past and Present Migration Challenges: What European and
American History Can Teach Us (PPM)” – has several objectives, including conducting
multidisciplinary research on migratory movements and comparing current and past challenges.
Thanks, in fact, to the comparison of past and present migration experiences and through a
multi-disciplinary approach that includes economic, political and sociological contributions from
both continents, this project aims to shed light on the complex nature of migratory movements and
use the past as a way to better understand current challenges.
The members of the Conference Scientific Committee are: Francesca Fauri (University of Bologna,
Italy), Debora Mantovani (University of Bologna, Italy), Donatella Strangio (Sapienza University,
Rome, Italy), Maria Soledad Balsas (CONICET, Universidad Nacional de La Matanza – UNLAM -
Argentina), Vania Herédia (Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Brazil) and Eleonora Vlach (Goethe
University, Frankfurt, Germany).