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Programme aims

The Degree Programme in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs provides graduates with knowledge and abilities for developing a professional approach to the analysis of institutions, their related socio-political and economic systems and the methods of interaction between these systems, also according to their historical developments. The programme aims to develop competencies which: a)constitute an appropriate platform for continuing studies and further developing the acquired knowledge and skills; b) can usefully be applied in public and private organisations working in supranational contexts,particularly in roles supporting more senior professional figures in documentary research and organisation (public relations officer) or, also on aself-employed basis, in the organisation of major, high-visibility events and conferences (conference and events organiser). The Degree Programme includes mandatory course units aiming to provide students with the competencies required to interpret and assess, with sufficient judgement skills, the specific areas of analysis, whether social and political systems, individualinstitutions, specific events or national and transnational phenomena. Forthese reasons, the first year of the programme and part of the second year helpstudents to understand the “fundamentals” of the disciplines offering anoverall vision, aware of the intrinsic complexity of the areas of study which do not have single-causal explanations. The mandatory course units therefore focus on the legal, economic, historical, social and political areas. In addition to methodological elements, these subjects provide students with the theoretical and empirical bases for developing these analyses, with a constant attention on the comparative and/or international dimension. The third year ofthe programme focuses mainly on furthering these studies, offering students the possibility to select a significant number of course units relating to historical, political and institutional studies in various geopolitical areas of the planet as well as elective courses supporting the interests, preferences and personal aims developed during the first two years. A series of laboratories help to acquire transferable skills relating to the methodological aspects of social, bibliographical and legal research, the ability to critically interpret sources, complex texts and diplomatic documents, specifically academic writing skills and public speaking techniques. The significant number of language course units (not only English but also French, Russian, Spanishand German), which is one of the major features of the programme, allows students to integrate their training with a specific advantage, whether they choose to enter the job market or continue their studies.
The programme includes mandatory course units both in Italian and English, in the methods specified in the course structure diagram published on the programme website for each cohort of students.