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International Tourism and Leisure Industries

Notice Board

Seminars: Topics in contemporary tourism: markets, institutions, technology and the environment

Seminars for last year students of TEaM and ITALI programmes (credits will be assigned according to each course structure diagram). Schedule of the events: between October 25th and November 20th.

Women Lunch @ McKinsey _ Milan

5th October, Milan

Erasmus Plus Young European Citizens- Call for Application

Erasmus Plus- awards 9 grants for traineeships in European companies for students enrolled at Rimini Campus graduating in September, October, November and December 2018 and February and March 2019

Campus Vibes

Are you a musician besides your studies? Rimini Campus is looking for you and your band! Apply now and you will play at the Rimini Campus Day 2018. Your music will be also broadcasted on radio.

Dissertation contest SeaWays

Sea-Ways announces an annual contest for dissertation on nautical tourism for two prizes to be awarded to two degree thesis.

Final thesis award - Carlo Canini

Carlo Canini dissertation awards is about the working conditions in the seasonal hospitality industry.

25 Sep 2018

Introduction to electives

Meet the Director to know better about electives and study plan

10 Oct 2018

Seminar:"Environmental History of Tourism. Cases from Austrian Alps"

Lecturer: Mag. Dr. Phil. Robert Groß (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna)

10 Oct 2018

Seminar: "Where tourism history and environmental history meet"

Lecturer: Martin Knoll (Univeristy of Salzburg)

from 30 Jul to 16 Oct 2018

Rimini Campus Day 2018

To celebrate the beginning of this upcoming academic year, the Campus of Rimini is organizing a party. An entire day to meet new friends and to discover your new home for the next years.

15 Nov 2018

Seminar: "Interpersonal communication competences. A theorical and pratical approach"

Lecturer: Manuela Zambianchi

30 Nov 2018

Seminar: "EU funding for Tourism: opportunities and perspectives for tourism"

Lecturer: Enzo Finocchiaro (former Manager of the Province of Rimini)