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OFA (Additional learning requirements)

In order to detect possible lacks in the subject Mathematics, additional Learning requirements could be assigned, they are known by the Italian acronym OFA.

TOLC-E consists of 36 questions divided into 3 sections. The sections are  Logic, Text comprehension and Mathematics. Each correct answer is 1 point, wrong answer is -0,25 point , empty is 0 point.

Based on the result obtained in thirteen questions of the Mathematics section, students will be given Additional Educational Requirements (OFA, Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi in Italian) in case of grading lower than 3,5.

Student who miss English or Italian TOLC-E test for OFA requirement shall sit the Mathematics test (13 questions in 30 minutes) scheduled for Wednesday 2 October, time: 5pm, venue: Alberti 14.

The OFA requirement is fulfilled by passing the exam Mathematics within the first year.

Students with OFA can practice for the Mathematics exam in many ways: regularly attend lectures and exercises and visit during the office hours the teachers in order to organize a personal work to recover initial lacks.

People who miss English or Italian TOLC-E test for OFA requirement will attend a classroom test during lectures.