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Rimini as Tourism Destination

Interested in Tourism? Then, choose to study in Rimini! ITALI (International Tourism and Leisure Industries) allows students to live in a real tourism destination.

Rimini has a bit of everything: there are many places of artistic and cultural interest; there are truly unique masterpieces from Roman times and the Renaissance period, or, there are 15 kilometres of shoreline where you can walk barefoot chatting with friends or meditating alone. There are 227 bathing establishments and 1100 hotels, plus excellent facilities.

Rimini is full of innovation, a testing ground always ready to turn out new trends: street bars, happy hours, aperitifs served on the beach, dinner on the seashore, sports of the future and nordic walking on sand.

Above all there is a special atmosphere to get caught up in. It is the perfect place to make friends for life.